Utah Stream Access Coalition Makes Urgent Appeal


The stream access fight wages on in Utah, and in fact, it may have reached a critical phase.  The Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) made an appeal to all in the fly fishing industry—particularly those within Utah—to voice their opposition to House Bill 68.  Today marks the start of Utah’s legislative session, and apparently back room deals are afoot that would lock down significant stretches of water for private interests.

From USAC:  “It is a direct attack on our first lawsuit in the Heber 4th District court. Rep. McIff is attempting to back door the Public Trust Doctrine by claiming that the legislature, as trustee, has accomplished its duties by enacting HB141 ‘Public Waters Access Act,’ which we all know did not benefit the public. HB68 also attempts to create a private property right out of water rights to attempt to strengthen McIff and Farm Bureau ‘taking’ claim and intertwine public trust and appropriated water with access/USE. In a nutshell, McIff is effectively making an end-run around the judiciary by proposing this legislation.”

You can find more information via this link.  And remember that stream access is a national concern.  Your support of this issue, regardless of your own geographic locale, is important.

What you can to do help right NOW

1. Find your district Representative

2. Contact your representative
3. Urge them to OPPOSE HB68
4. Urge them to SUPPORT USAC compromise
5. Go to the Capitol and meet with your Representative
6. Get a friend to do the same




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  3. THESE wrongful agenda’s are being pushed by the Progressive Liberal Politicians who want American to become a quasi-Socialist/Communist state. Think that I am wrong? Do your homework on Agenda 21 the “UN land grab” and also look at the ongoing the fight over our 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms. OPPOSE all of these Draconian pieces of legislation, wake up Utah!

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