Spirit River Explains UV2 Materials


From Spirit River:

Here is a simple guide to quickly explain Spirit River’s ground breaking new and unique line of Ultra-vision UV2®  products and fly patterns.  Spirit River now has the ability to process tying materials and build unique flies with both UVF and UVR enhanced materials.  Hence the name UV2!

UVF is the FLUORESCENT wave length in bright colors we know and see in materials or paints which allows fish to see flies and lures at a much greater distance. A huge advantage in many light and water conditions. Remember, if a fish cannot see your offering then he cannot eat it.

UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance is a UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye.  However it can be seen and used by most insects and animals. They have different rods and cones in their eyes and can see far more UV wavelengths than a simple human eye.  The concept is similar to a dog whistle humans cannot hear yet dogs clearly can.

Females of most species recognize the natural UVR signature of males. Mayflies use it to find mates, Bee’s to find flowers and many fish species use it for mating and to find prey.  The majorities of nymphs found in a stream are males and hence have a natural UVR signature. Our materials help duplicate this.

Spirit’s new Multi-Spectrum UV2 Dubbing has a unique series of core colors each individually processed in UVR and UVF.  The multiple colors all kick out their own wave lengths of color and the UV mix will show UVR and UVF. There have been many multi spectrum dubbings…but none with the added benefit of UV2. To really see the effects of our

In using the UV2 dubbing or material, we encourage you to always tie in a base of pearl or silver Mylar or white thread, allowing multiple UV light spectrums to emanate back out of the pattern.

Ultra Violet light in its many wave lengths may be considered a basic key just like fly color and size.


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