Shopping Season is Here… How’s it Working Out?


The National Retail Federation estimated that 147 million Americans (roughly half the country) went shopping last weekend.  Did any come to your store (or visit your website)?  And do you think this is an “up” year, a “down” year… or do you think your sales year was, for all intents and purposes, finished months ago?

Angling Trade is conducting a quick survey that will help us shape a future story, and we’d appreciate your help.  The questions below will take less than a minute to answer.  You might find the results interesting, and your input will help your trade magazine report on a topic that will help your business.  Thanks.

As this is the busiest shopping season of the year, but perhaps the doldrums of the fly fishing season, we’re interested in some responses from fly retailers that can illustrate what’s happening in our market.  Please check all answers that apply:

Concerning this past “Black Friday,” “Shop Small Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” Weekend…

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  1. You forgot one category when you made up your questions in the survey:

    I saw less foot traffic and less website traffic this year compared to years past.

    That’s my vote.

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