Is Bozeman Now the Fly Fishing Capital of America?


As reported on last week on, the American Fly Fishing Trade Association has moved its headquarters from the Denver area to Bozeman, Montana.  While that’s largely a move of convenience (AFFTA president Ben Bulis and chairman Jim Klug are from that area), we wonder if that doesn’t also seal the case for Bozeman being the unofficial fly fishing capital of America…

As part of the move, AFFTA also hired Sarah Grigg, who will replace Mischa Jones and work as office manager alongside Bulis. Sarah’s involvement with the fly fishing industry began in 2003, when she served as an intern for the Henry’s Fork Foundation in Idaho. Since then, she has worked in conservation and communication for numerous groups in the Greater Yellowstone, forging collaborative relationships with anglers and other sportsmen.

The new AFFTA office and mailing address is:

321 E. Main Street, Suite #300
Bozeman, MT 59715
406-522-1556 (office)
406-522-1557 (fax)

Stay tuned for another major announcement concerning AFFTA within the next few days.



  1. I guess if all your influence is on fly fishing for trout that may be correct, but there are many of us in the Fly Fishing Industry that don’t see trout as the “most important species” when we go fly fishing.

    You could make an argument for the Keys, perhaps the Striper fishery in the Northeast, or even Wisconsin for it’s Muskies, plus many other places. Singling out just one place as the “capital” is not only unfair, but very one minded and diminishes the efforts by others all across the country to promote the sport – these are the things we are trying to “get over” as we try to grow the sport and bring others into the fold!

  2. Well it is convenient for Ben and Jim but is it convenient for the membership? It will be interesting to see whether the organization can be rebuilt and made relevant or whether they are just trying to soften a crash landing.

  3. Naming Bozeman as the “capital” of fly fishing is an interesting opinion, but a foolish one (sorry AT)! No matter where you live or what species you target, we’re all in this together. My goal as YOUR president, is to grow the entire industry from guides, outfitters, manufacturers and retailers, from Maine to California and everyone in between. As mentioned in the post above, a major member benefit announcement is coming…

  4. Kirk Deeter on

    It’s equally foolish to put words in the mouth of the trade magazine. It was merely a question, meant purely to stir up some friendly conversation. Of course, everyone who understands the fly fishing market realizes that, while it does indeed spin on an axis of trout, there is great potential in all species and all regions.

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