iGuidePro Unveils New Mobile Fly-Fishing App for Professional and Recreational Anglers


From iGuidePro

Today iGuidePro unveiled a new mobile app for the iPhone that offers a platform for professional anglers to share their fly-fishing expertise while providing a marketplace of pre-packaged trips for fly-fishing enthusiasts.

Career fly-fishing guides spend years honing their craft, and they strive to share their knowledge in order to continually improve the sport of fly-fishing. Meanwhile, angler enthusiasts do not always have the ability to charter a trip to leverage the expertise of the pros. iGuidePro offers an optimal approach for both: It provides a platform for professionals to contribute and market their skills and savvy to the broader community, while enthusiasts can create their own virtual guided tours with pre-packaged trips that include professional planning, extensive details on numerous locations and tips and tricks to help make every trip a success. The new iGuidePro app leverages rich, user-friendly content and advanced GPS technology to map out virtual trips that can be saved and used again, and the app provides information on a multitude of lakes, rivers and fish species.

“iGuidePro is great new way for anglers at all levels to quickly and easily enjoy the sport of fly fishing,” said Barry Owen, co-founder and CTO, iGuidePro. “iGuidePro is a robust platform for professional anglers to create and sell pre-packaged virtual trips that they’ve validated from their own experience in order to create new revenue streams beyond their day jobs. But it’s also a dynamic resource for recreational anglers who want a professional guided experience – they can access the pre-packaged professional trips, or create their own trips on demand based on data provided by the pros. The new iGuidePro app is simple to use and features advanced technologies and content that makes it a must-have for anglers on the go – all you need is an iPhone and a knack for the sport.”

The iGuidePro app has a simple user interface that lets professionals easily create virtual trips and reach new markets, while enthusiasts can simply enter their location and access a library of validated excursions. In addition, iGuidePro lets users:

  • Accurately track fly-fishing trips and favorite holes using GPS tracking
  • Save trips for future reference
  • Find trips near certain locations or fish species
  • Capture video, audio or picture and assign to GPS waypoints
  • Send updates to Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Track trips even when mobile phone service is unavailable
  • Store descriptions and notes of trips
  • Track public and private water trips throughout the world

iGuidePro is available for download today from the Apple App Store. For more information, visit www.iGuidePro.com, or directly on the Apple App Store at www.itunes.apple.com/us/app/iguidepro/id547808660?ls=1&mt=8

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