Thanks for the Kudos on TROUT Magazine


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank many of you from within the fly fishing industry for passing along your kind words and congratulations on my first issue of TROUT, the national publication of Trout Unlimited, which came out a couple weeks ago.  It’s an honor be working on that magazine, and the previous editor Steve Kinsella did a masterful job of creating a product that stands apart.

I want to strengthen TROUT’s position within the industry.  We have a readership of 150,000, and those are the most motivated fly fishing consumers in the world.  We’re a subscriber-based publication, so we can do some things that many other magazines can’t do.  You’re going to see me infuse a lot more personality into cheap xanax tablets TROUT, and roll back some on the science lessons.  I don’t want to make a fishing magazine—goodness knows there are enough of those already.  But I do want to create a lifestyle publication that happens to revolve around trout fishing and conservation.

I’d be very happy to hear from any of you regarding story ideas and submissions for TROUT magazine.  And for those of you companies who want to reach the largest print demographic, we aren’t only subscriber based; your ad support will go a long way to reaching a big audience, and demonstrating your support of our coldwater resources.   There’s a lot going on at TROUT, and we’re happy to have you involved.

– Kirk Deeter, editor of TROUT, and Angling Trade


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