Waterworks-Lamson launches the new Arx reel & Konic II reel


The new Arx and Konic II from Waterworks-Lamson

From Waterworks/Lamson:

The Arx is a reel  built with purpose; for casting a variety of lines with maximum line control and reliability. The continuing evolution of Spey and Scandi lines, shooting heads, flat mono, etc. demand a reel that can help prevent line snags while retaining the high performance you’ve come to expect from Waterworks Lamson. Arx has a full cage frame that encapsulates the spool to prevent line from escaping or snagging in critical areas. Normally a configuration like this would do a good job at preventing line fouling, but would preclude palming the reel. Arx is carefully milled on the bottom third of the reel to expose a functional palming section. Even the drag knob has been designed to provide optimal grip without exposing a portion of the reel to line fouling.  Whether you are two handed fishing or in the saltwater navigating big winds and fat fish the Arx delivers.

Mark Farris, Waterworks-Lamson designer says, “There is nothing worse than getting ready to mend your line only to see the last loop of your shooting line drop into the gap between the frame and the spool. Arx was intended for moments like this. No gap, no problem.”

Sizes start at the 3+ (see spec attachment for details). Pricing is: 3+ at $439, 3.5+ at $469 and 4+ at $499.

Waterworks-Lamson launches the new Konic II reel

The Konic II delivers smart design and high performance in Lamson’s most affordable fly fishing reel. The same, super-smooth, fully sealed conical drag system and stainless roller clutch used in our more expensive reels are matched with machined components and pressure cast ALDC12 aluminum alloy spool and frame. Konic is anodized then finished with a 100% solid polyurethane coating to resist gouging and abrasion. This year the finish is a smooth two-tone color. Affordable fly fishing reels just got a whole lot better. Prices starts at $139.

Waterworks-Lamson a leader in design and manufacture of premium fly fishing reels is not your typical fly fishing company. We are C1 Design Group, and our core expertise is in product design. We innovate, invent, design and engineer.  Our reels are designed, manufactured & precision assembled in Idaho.

Our roots trace back to the bicycle industry where we designed one of the first clipless pedal systems and helped create suspension systems that would perform at the cutting edge in all conditions and on all terrains.

In 1995 we turned our attention to fly fishing reels. At the time, reels were complicated; using many parts; drag systems and other running parts were exposed to the elements; reels were too heavy. We began with a blank sheet of paper, and undertook a total re-think of the fly reel. Since that time we continue to create innovative reels with purpose.


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