Metz Feathers purchases Shannon Hackle’s


From Metz:

Seven Mountains Farms d/b/a Metz Feathers, a world leader in the production of genetically engineered hackle for the fly tying industry, announces the purchase of all of the genetic breeding stock from Shannon Hackles of Lamar, Arkansas.   In Metz’ quest to continue to provide the fly industry with the highest quality hackle available,  the addition of this new line of birds to the already legendary breeding lines of Metz will allow the incorporation of several new genetic traits to the closed breeding system.

“ Shannon’s lines have a few key feather quality characteristics that will greatly enhance our bloodlines”, Rick Dailey, General Manager of the Metz facility.  “Anytime you can incorporate new strains into your breeding population without jeopardizing quality, you are extending the genetic expression and the longevity of the brand.  This should ensure that Metz remains a leader in the hackle industry for the foreseeable future.”

About Metz:
Metz Feathers was the first to provide high quality hackle commercially to the fly tying industry dating back to its origin in 1972.   For Forty years, Metz legendary quality has maintained itself as the standard by which all other hackle is compared.  Metz still operates out of Belleville, Pennsylvania, and has worldwide distribution.  For more information, contact us at phone 717.935.5494 or [email protected]



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