Loon Outdoors Presents New 2013 Products


Loon’s New Fly Tying Powders

From Loon Outdoors:

Loon is proud to present brand new Fly Tying Powders and the ingenious Mixing Cup.  The products were designed keeping the old saying in mind, “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.” The Fly Tying Powders were developed to give the angler the control they like, and the freedom they want.  These powders have been developed to customize head cements without compromising their strength, durability or cure time.  The Pearlescent Powder adds color as well as pearlescent flecks; the Phosphorescent Powder adds glow-in-the-dark properties; the Tungsten Powder adds weight to flies.  These powders were specifically designed to be used with Loon’s UV Clear Fly Finish products, and will work perfectly the rest of Loon’s tying cements, as well as other brands.

The Mixing Cup was designed to present fly tyers with a better way of mixing tying cements.  It’s the perfect vessel in which to customize cements while mixing viscosities, adding thinner, or using one of Loon’s new Fly Tying Powders.  It is an unbreakable basin that suctions to smooth surfaces and won’t bond with cured cements.  Once cured, the cement remaining in the cup pops out, leaving a clean basin, ready for the next use.  The welcomed result is the absence of clean up.

Further improving Loon’s fly tying line is the UV Clear Fly Finish Thin.  The popular UV Clear Fly Finish is now offered in two viscosities: the traditional THICK, and the newly developed THIN.  Regardless of the thickness you can expect exceptional strength and clarity, as well as the instant cure that has made UV cements popular.

The final additions to Loon’s 2013 product line are two new stainless steel tying scissors.  Loon’s revamped, high-quality tool collection made a splash last year when the Nip n Sip was named the Best Accessory by Angling Trade and IFTD.  2013’s additions include two new tying scissors.  The Hair Scissors are heavy-duty scissors of the highest quality, with a comfortable handle, made specifically for cutting tough materials.  The All Purpose Scissors are composed of surgical quality stainless steel, and offer all-around performance.

About Loon Outdoors

Loon Outdoors makes top-quality products that maximize performance and minimize environmental impact.  With an ongoing pursuit of product innovation and improvement, Loon strives to make products that are functional and simple, without compromising their commitment to “fishing with a conscience”.


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