Nautilus FWX 1/3 Reel


Nautilus FWX 1/3 – Less is More

I may have misspoken the other day when I said the trend was primarily premium products for premium  products.  Some manufacturers have certainly grabbed onto the “less is more” notion, and Nautilus—whose bread and butter reputation is all about Uber-performing drag systems in big game reels—figured that out when it created the FWX 1/3.  Priced at $255 (spool $125), it has a fully-sealed drag, but it’s not overdone to the point of applying a braking buy xanax visa system that could stop a truck to a fish that maxes out at 9 m.p.h. (a trout).  It’s small, light, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and all that.  But the best news is that it’s priced right in the wheelhouse for many intermediate or seasoned trout anglers that know better than to spend more than the price of their rod on a reel .


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  1. Eddie Otero on

    Anglers often fall for hyped products that exaggerate what is needed in a fly reel, such as “strong enough to stop a train” or 20 lbs. of pressure for a drag… it’s refreshing to see a product that is priced wright and has what is needed to get the job done, nothing less nothing more.
    Nautilus is a company that makes a great product at reasonable prices and is made here in the USA… I look forward to owning one myself.

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