Redington Targets New Anglers With a New Outfit and Game Rod at Outdoor Retailer


From Redington:

Redington, continues to make fly fishing fun, easy, accessible, and approachable to new anglers, offering the new Topo Outfit and Form Game Rod.

The Topo Outfit

The Topo Outfit is a grab-and-go outfit for anyone looking to get started fly fishing. The most daunting task for a beginner is determining what they need to get started. Redington makes it easy. The outfit comes with everything needed to get on the water and start fly fishing including a 9-foot, 5-weight fly rod, a Crosswater reel spooled with RIO’s Mainstream WF5F fly line with front loop, a 9-foot, 5x tapered leader, an extra spool of tippet, nippers, and a fly box with six high floating, durable dry flies. The 4-piece fly rod is made with high performance graphite and has a carbon fiber reel seat to be lighter weight, which makes it ideal for backpacking. This outfit also comes with a how-to guide for beginner anglers with casting instructions, details on how to read a stream, how to tie knots and more. All this equipment comes in a durable rod and reel case with an adjustable shoulder strap making this an easy addition for a weekend camping or backpacking trip. The Topo Outfit retails for $199.95.

Redington Form Game Rod

The Form Game Rod offers beginning and veteran fly casters alike a fun way to practice casting and improve form. The 50-inch graphite rod comes in two sections creating a very realistic feel and easy packing. Unlike any other practice rods on the market, the Form offers anglers a practice rod with a custom RIO® 30-foot fly line with integrated leader so anglers can learn the true feel of an actual rod loading. The end of the line is designated with a mock fly so the angler has even more of a true feel for a fly fishing scenario. Available in Lava Red or Wave Blue, this game rod comes in a convenient carrying case and includes easy-to-follow casting instructions and fun casting games for anglers of all abilities. It also includes a QR code for users to easily go to Redington’s website and watch casting and instruction videos as well as learn more about all aspects of fly fishing. The Form Game Rod will retail for $39.95.

Please stop by booth #36212 at Outdoor Retialer Summer Market 2012 to see all of the new offerings from Redington.


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