Industry Update: Cortland Line Company Rescued by Private Investors


On July 20th, Cortland Lines announced that it had been purchased by a group of private investors.  The investors plan to infuse capital into the company to allow one of fishing oldest brands to continue.  Brian Ward will remain the company’s CEO and focus on client relationships and growing an overseas customer base.

Randy Brown, the new chief operating officer, will handle internal operations, including reviewing manufacturing and marketing practices.  Randy sees a bright future ahead for Cortland Line Company.  “This is not a long shot but rather an exceptionally attractive opportunity with lots of potential,” Randy said.  “I think we can begin to focus on growing the business and earning back market share within the next twelve months.  We have all the necessary ingredients: working capital, viable product, a good reputation, a loyal customer base, and most importantly, a dedicated, knowledgeable staff.”

Alexander “Sandy” Douglas, a businessman from Syracuse, New York, will become the new chairman.   Sandy values Cortland’s long history, but sees room for improvement.  Sandy stated: “I would like to see a renewed emphasis on R&D, and a rethinking of sales and marketing altogether.  While Cortland has customers in an impressive number of countries where fishing is prevalent, we must focus the pro shops and independent dealers domestically that have been ardent supporters for generations.  We will improve our support to them and begin with a stronger website and product delivery system.  There are many areas where we can improve but we will start at the customer level.  The fishing industry is well served by many strong and respected competitors and we have to earn business, but Cortland was a leader for many, many years and there is no reason it can’t be again.”

Cortland Line Company is located in Cortland, New York and manufactures a variety of fly fishing and sport fishing lines.


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