Smith Creek New Zealand set to launch two new innovative fishing products at IFTD Reno.


From Smith Creek:

August 2012, New Zealand fly fishing company, Smith Creek® announces they will launch two additionally innovative products at the IFTD in Reno, the Rod Clip and Trash Fish. These products are designed to compliment Smith Creek’s revolutionary new product, Net Holster, the belt mounted landing net holster that is their flagship product.

Smith Creek will be exhibiting at booth # 228, where demos will take place and two new product videos recently shot in New Zealand will be showing.  All three products will also feature in the New Product Showcase. Smith Creek product info and videos are now available for viewing at

The Rod Clip is a wearable fishing rod holder that holds a fishing rod so that anglers hands are free to tie on a fly, changing a lure, bait a hook or show off that trophy fish they’ve just landed. It holds a rod securely and out of the way and it can’t be accidentally knocked free. Besides keeping grit out of a reel, the Rod Clip also keeps an outfit above the salt out of the mud, And finally, no more having to lay a rod on the ground while releasing a fish.

Rod Clips are good for all types of fishing and work with most sizes of rods. Putting a rod in and out of the clip is an easy single-handed operation that becomes second nature on the first day. This device isn’t only for trout fishermen with a fly rod, bass, salmon / steelhead, spin and saltwater anglers will also love using them. They’re built Smith Creek tough from anodized marine grade aluminum and the custom made zingers have been tested to over 50,000 pull cycles without failing. Even so, they’re compact, lightweight, and anglers don’t know they’re wearing it until they’re using it.

Rod Clip advantages, at a Glance:  
•    Holds your rod securely out of the way.
Leaves your hands free.
•    Easy in – Easy out – Easy to Use
•    Rod can’t accidentally knock free.
•    Compact and lightweight.
You don’t know it’s there until your using it.
•    Rugged Smith Creek quality.
Anodized marine grade aluminum and Stainless steel fasteners.
•    Highest Spec Zinger.
Custom made for Smith Creek and tested over 50,000 pulls without failing.
•    Patented No. 594088 with additional worldwide patents pending.

The Trash Fish is a waste fishing line holder that allows an angler to easily coil and control the waste fishing line that’s created while fishing. It’s the spent-line- wrangler that allows anglers to coil spent line, then holds it together in their pocket until it’s ready to be trashed. Keeping mono out of the environment, helps anglers to: Keep our streams clean.

Smith Creek president / designer Wayne Smith writes: “I see way too much fishing line on the riverbank and I got so tired of re-stuffing spent leaders and tippets back into my vest pocket that I finally designed a tool to make them stay put. And no, I didn’t want another tool hanging from my vest but something simple and slim, which easily fits unto my pocket.  This is a serious, easy to use and well made tool.

Lightweight but rugged Smith Creek quality, made form anodized marine grade aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Anglers can go to to learn more and to see printed and video instructions on how to use the Trash Fish.

Trash Fish advantages, at a Glance:
•    Eco friendly – Keep our streams clean.
Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment.
•    Easy to use – simply coil line around tool and                 fingers.
See instructions on package or go to
•    Compact and lightweight.
Good-looking slim design to fits easily into your pocket or tackle box.
•    Rugged Smith Creek quality.
Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials.
•    Patented No.597878 and additional worldwide patents pending.

Uncompromising fishing gear, that’s built to last a lifetime. All Smith Creek products are crafted from the finest materials, anodized marine grade aluminum, no corrosive fasteners, UV resistant materials (even the thread in their wading belts and Net Holster straps), their custom made zingers are tested to over 50,000 pull cycles!

Smith Creek founder and head designer Wayne Smith, is originally from California. He sailed his boat to New Zealand twenty years ago and decided to stay and fish. Mr. Smith is now a Kiwi / American hybrid who has been fly fishing for about fifty years. “These days I spend a fair amount of time “between catching trout” thinking about ways to make fly fishing more enjoyable – ways to solve the annoying problems that have been bugging me”.

Net Holster – Tame Your Net
Rod Clip –      Free Your Hands
Trash Fish –   Keep Our Streams Clean
Wading Belts – Fish Safe

Smith Creek Ltd.
PO Box 31539, Milford
Auckland, New Zealand 0620                                       [email protected]



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