Outdoor Product Sales Growth Moderates in June


From OIA:

Outdoor product sales growth lost some momentum as June progressed but sprang to life again in July. Hot weather and a well-positioned mid-week holiday helped send consumers into the cool respite of retail. According to point-of-sale data compiled by SportScanInfo for OIA VantagePoint™, retail sales of outdoor products grew 3.2 percent to $1.04 billion in the fiscal month of June 2012.

The June trend was a small disappointment after the high-single-digit increase seen in May, but the start of July prompted some smiles around the market. During the first seven days of July, sales were up in the mid-single-digits, with double-digit gains in outdoor apparel and mid-single-digit growth in outdoor footwear and hardgoods.

Specialty Retailer sales were up 4.9 percent in fiscal June to $459.4 million. Specialty Retailers grabbed a full percentage point of market share versus the prior June and represented 44.5 percent of all outdoor product sales.

“The month of June came in like a lion and went out like a lamb,” explained James Hartford, CEO and chief market analyst for The SportsOneSource Group, which manages the OIA VantagePoint platform. “June started where May left off, with solid increases for the first three weeks then a decline the last week of the month.” Hartford noted that all macro product categories — footwear, apparel and hardgoods — tallied gains for the month.

The outdoor apparel business was up every week as consumers took advantage of pre-season sales on outerwear and other discounted goods from the prior fall/winter season. Despite the discounting, average selling prices still grew for the month as retailers and online merchants made higher-end brands available at deeply discounted prices. Outdoor apparel sales increased 4.9 percent to $194.7 million. Specialty Internet was the biggest driver of sales growth for June, up nearly 25 percent.

After a very strong May, the outdoor footwear business came back down to earth in June, posting an increase of just 1.0 percent to $295.7 million. Sales growth was tepid throughout the month.Technical Hiking, Trail Shoes and Outdoor Casual Footwear were the key drivers.  Lightweight Hiking continued to shrink as consumers opted for increasingly lighter technical product or for Trail Shoes for the day hike.

Outdoor hardgoods sales rose to $548.8 million, up 3.7 percent versus June 2011 — and up nearly 35 percent versus the prior month. Kid Carriers bolstered sales growth in the Technical Packs & Bags category, and both Technical and Lifestyle Daypacks got a nice lift from summer day hiking and perhaps some early back-to-school shopping.

OIA VantagePoint is the first and only full market point-of-sale data view built specifically for Outdoor Industry Association members. OIA VantagePoint provides comprehensive visibility into the outdoor marketplace by tracking weekly point‐of‐sale data from more than 10,000 retail doors and websites that carry outdoor products, including nearly 450 outdoor specialty locations. It is the broadest view of outdoor product Internet sales available in the market. In‐depth sales information is available online within five days of the prior week close — a competitive advantage for businesses who can shift critical resources and react quickly to ever-changing consumer preferences.

OIA members can access the June 2012 OIA VantagePoint monthly trend report by logging on to outdoorindustry.org/vantagepoint.

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