AFFTA announces Business Seminar at IFTD



The IFTD show is excited to announce that Robbie Brown will be presenting at the IFTD Business Seminar on Wednesday, August 15. Robbie was such a huge hit with retailers at the IFTD show in Denver two years ago that we decided to bring him back for the show in Reno. For those that attended Robbie’s seminar in Denver, Robbie will be discussing all new topics that can make your business more profitable. Some of the new subjects that he will be presenting are:

• The growing impact of online sales and the broader issue of e-commerce
• How to build a productive website and drive consumers to the site and back again to the store
• Using social media and mobile devices to stay connected with your customers
• The importance of merchandise mix relative to net profits
• The role of SKU and margin management practices as they relate to net profits
• Knowing your flies and products is not enough; knowing how to sell and merchandise is a necessity
• Dealing with the effects of high gas prices and economic uncertainty and how it affects fly fishing sales
• The importance of attracting new participants to the sport of fly fishing and how it will affect future demand and business opportunities
• Review the core basics relative to profit production (in case you missed his first seminar)

Robbie believes that profitability does not primarily come from a passion for the sport of fly fishing nor is it the byproduct of product knowledge (although it helps). Profits are generated through the application of business acumen and a well thought out and executed business plan.

In addition, Robbie will provide a 30 minute private consultation (free of charge) by reservation only for retailers on the first day of the show, Thursday, August 16. Retailers should be encouraged to take advantage of these private consultations; this is money in the bank for all those who avail themselves of the opportunity.

The normal cost for Robbie’s full day seminar is $200. All IFTD attendees can attend the class for $50. To register, please click on the link below and return the form to the AFFTA office.
Do not miss this great opportunity to make your business more profitable!

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