Montana Fly Company Appoints National Sales Manager


Jake Chutz

From Montana Fly:

Columbia Falls, MT—May 14, 2012 – Montana Fly Company announces Jake Chutz as the National Sales Manager in the United States.  Chutz is in charge of strengthening the national sales team, working directly with independent sales reps across the country as well as in-house accounts.  

Building on his experience as a fishing guide and gear expert, Chutz’s position reaches beyond traditional sales duties.  He will help strengthen the product design process, including beta testing strategy to ensure innovative, competitive and high quality products are brought to market.

A long-time guide at TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork, he spent the last 11 years guiding in Montana, Idaho and Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.

“After tossing spinners and spoons as a kid, I finally found my true passion in fishing with a fly rod,” says Jake Chutz, MFC National Sales Manager. “TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork gave me my start as a guide. Taking people fishing from all over the world, I regularly used Montana Fly Company flies and I recognized the brand for its quality and for representing the true spirit of fishing.  So, joining the MFC team is a stellar opportunity and a natural fit.”

“We have high expectations for the company as a whole, now that Jake is at the sales helm,” says MFC president and owner Adam Trina.



  1. Peter Berntsen on

    Congratulations to Jake! Hope to see you sometime soon back in Boulder at Front Range Anglers.

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