Turneffe Atoll Trust Names Lindsay Garbutt Executive Director


TURNEFFE ATOLL, Belize – Lindsay Garbutt, a leader in marine conservation and tourism in Belize, has been named Executive Director of Turneffe Atoll Trust, announced Craig Hayes, Chairman of the Turneffe Atoll Trust Board.

Garbutt has worked in commercial fishing, conservation and tourism; most recently he served as Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Tourism in Belize.

Born in southern Belize, he worked as a commercial fisherman as a young man and remains a key advocate for commercial fishermen in Belize. Garbutt was influential in the development of two of Belize’s most successful conservation organizations – Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (T.I.D.E) and the Southern Environmental Association (S.E.A.). He has served as Chairman of the Fisheries Advisory Board and the Belize Tourism Board and has also served on the Protected Areas Conservation Trust Board of Directors.

“Turneffe Atoll Trust’s mission is to lead conservation efforts at Turneffe Atoll leading to sustainable social and economic benefits for Belize and serving as a model for similar coastal marine environments throughout the world. Recent Turneffe Atoll Trust efforts have been focused on developing a Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve and we are very pleased to welcome Lindsay as our new Executive Director,” said Hayes.


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