Royal Wulff Ambush® Triangle Taper Fly Line Cops a Kudo


From Royal Wulff:

Livingston Manor – Royal Wulff Products Ambush Triangle Taper Fly Line has just won a 2012 Kudo Award from Fly Rod & Reel magazine. The coveted Kudo Award – now in it’s 26th year – is given to a select handful of “noteworthy products and services” in the fly fishing category after rigorous review by the experienced staff of Fly Rod & Reel magazine writers.

Doug Cummings, president of Royal Wulff Products, is delighted by the award, “From the beginning, the Ambush was an instant sensation, winning the Gray’s Best Award in 2010, and outselling any other fly line introduction we’ve ever had!”

In his Kudo write-up, Darrell Martin describes the Ambush thus: “In addition to being versatile fishing lines, the Ambush serves well for casting instructors. The line drop and pause allows students time to think and learn. An Ambush line, however, exaggerates the rod bend and line tug of the double-haul. Faster learning occurs when students really feel the language of rod and line. The weighty head and the thin, light running line amplify every haul and shoot. Within a few minutes of ground practice and the resulting muscle memory, most students are able to raise their rods and lines into smooth, overhead double-hauls. The Ambush TT fly line deserves a Kudo on the ground as well as on the water”

In three short years Ambush Triangle Taper fly line has spawned a dedicated following of switch, Scandi, and Skagit rod users. Responding to burgeoning demand, Royal Wulff products then introduced new, heavier line weights in the Ambush lineup.

Originally produced in 4-8 weight buy alprazolam cheap online sizes, the $74.95 Ambush Triangle Taper is now also available in 9 – 14 weight, to deliver crisp roll casting performance from single-handed rods and shorter double-handed rods. Designed with a short, 20-26 foot head, marked by a color change in the line, from lime green to blue. This “change point” creates a visual reference point for intuitive casting. Front-loaded with a thin running line, it delivers effortless roll casts from short to long distances.

All Ambush Fly Lines feature welded loops on each end for easier connections, and the Tri-D line ID system for easy identification.

New for 2012: Ambush Clear Head for Stealth

Expanding on the success of the Ambush fly line family, which includes the original Ambush and Ambush Shooting Heads, Royal Wulff has introduced a new stealthy member to the family: The Ambush Clear Head, an intermediate clear-head version of the Ambush line. Now a fly fisherman can enjoy all the roll casting, Spey, Skagit, switch and Scandi style casting advantages of the Ambush floating fly line with the added benefit of a clear, 20′ intermediate sinking head. Intermediate sink rate 1.25 to 1.75 ips, this floating/intermediate line is lime green and clear and comes in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8.

About Royal Wulff Products

Royal Wulff Products was founded by Joan and Lee Wulff, and Doug Cummings. They design and sell fly lines, bamboo rods, leaders, books, DVDs and casting instruction tools. They are located at 7 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY 12758. Phone 845-439-4060, fax 845-439-8055, email [email protected] or on the web at


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