Documentary Fly-fishing film LOW & CLEAR to debut at SXSW and True/False film festivals.


Finback Films upcoming documentary LOW & CLEAR has been announced as an official selection of two world class film festivals—SXSW and TRUE/FALSE.

TRUE/FALSE will be screening the feature length doc in Columbia, MO March 1-4 followed by SXSW in Austin, TX March 9-14.

Specific screening times and venue locations can be found here

Co-directors Kahlil Hudson and Tyler Hughen are: “Humbled and inspired to go shoulder to shoulder with the top documentary films of the year. Our film has been given the chance to touch a much larger audience today, and we are extremely excited to take our film to these acclaimed festivals. While we are ecstatic to reach this broad audience, itʼs the folks in the fishing world that we are most excited to share it with. Theyʼve have been waiting a long time, and we want to say thanks for their patience. It’s been an extended labor of love, but we can say that after the March festivals, the DVD release will be prompt.”


A story of friendship and life in the disappearing wilderness of the West, LOW & CLEAR follows two formerly close friends who re-unite for one last fly-fishing trip to British Columbia. Over the course of their time together they come to understand how much theyʼve each changed and how these changes now threaten their friendship.
Finback Films also launched a new website, and updated trailer today at

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