PEAK Fishing completes 10th year of business, and third consecutive record sales year


January 12, 2012

(Loveland, Colorado) – PEAK Fishing marked their 10th year producing premium fly tying vises and equipment by announcing that their 2011 sales reached a record level for the third consecutive year.  According to Brand Manager Al Ritt, PEAK Fishing’s sales were up 44% in 2011 over 2010.  Says Ritt “In 2009 sales increased by more than 49% over 2008 and have increased each year since.  Sales in 2011 were significantly more than double the sales we experienced in 2008 and the early indications for 2012 are positive as well.”

From PEAK owner and President Allen Schultz “Our goal from day one has been to manufacture quality products that are well designed and built in the US at reasonable prices.  We’ve also provided a lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship that go into our products and worked very hard to ensure the best customer support possible.”

Ritt added “Our feeling is the success we’ve had and acceptance we’ve gained in our first 10 years validates our goals and indicates we are on the right path to reaching them.  We will continue to introduce well designed and manufactured products such as our LED Tying Light and Rotary Tube Fly Vise that have come out the past two years.  We feel we’ve built a very qualified dealer network and we constantly work to strengthen and expand that.  Our dealer network is the final step to getting our products to the consumer and as such is absolutely critical to our success.  Finally our goal of the best customer support possible remains a top priority.  While we’re happy with the direction PEAK is going, we understand that these first 10 years are just a direction and not the finish line.”

For more information about PEAK Fishing, PEAK’s contract fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, or becoming a dealer visit their web site,, contact them by phone at 970-622-9601, or e-mail them at [email protected].


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