Clear Cure Goo Announces New Products for 2012


From Clear Cure Goo:

Southlake (Jan. 10, 2012) – Thick, Thin, and Tack Free.  Three fly tying products designed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States by Clear Cure Goo in 2011.  While many industry leaders would consider it a successful year, Brian Carson continued the evolution of his material developing a new line of products for 2012.

Clear Cure Goo has improved upon its first generation ultraviolet light.  The new ergonomically designed LED light, which serves as the catalyst to cure the material, boasts the same high-quality LED bulbs as its predecessor.  However, the color has been changed from a neutral black to an electric blue for increased visibility.   It also sports Clear Cure Goo’s brand name a removable lanyard for easy storage.  “The biggest improvement to the new light is the inclusion of a stronger, more durable ‘On/Off’ clicker,” said Carson.

Clear Cure Goo Hydro, a liquid form of Clear Cure Goo, is now available for consumers in 2012.   “Hydro is the most versatile Clear Cure Goo to date, perfect for midges all the way saltwater flies. ” said Carson.  “It is crystal clear, entirely tack free, and cures in seconds, making it a perfect material to use as a top coat, a protective layer for poppers or  a stand alone product.”  Carson believes the new Hydro material will replace traditional head cement in the near future.

Clear Cure Goo Fleck is now available in 2012. It contains flecks of gold, silver, green and blue. It is a great material to use as an accent piece or a stand alone product. Clear Cure Goo Fleck contains enough flash to get attention, but not enough to scare off a fish. A perfect tool to have in your tying arsenal .


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  1. ‘The Goo’ has truly exploded on to the tying scene and quite frankly changed the way I looked at epoxy applications for commercial fly patterns. Moving from the syringe style application to the squeeze bottles makes it that much easier. As for the eyes, all I can say is wow. They are as realistic as they come and very durable; well thought out down to a manufacturing process that guarantees the paper backing will not come off with the eye. And the near weightless barbell versions…fuggetaboutit!

  2. Paul Bernet on

    I agree, and love their old slogan. The Goo Is The Poo!!
    Has completely revolutionized the way I tie. Hated using epoxy and this stuff made things so much easier and faster.
    Got a bottle of the Hydro last month- My new flavor of CCG

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