Shopatron Offers Insights for Removing “Boundaries”


So many fly shops–and fly gear manufacturers for that matter–are wrestling with their online presence.  They know it’s necessary on some level, but in this market particularly, traditional channels are sacred turf.  How, then to bring it all together?

Shopatron, an eCommerce platform and solution provider, recently produced a white paper titled, “10 Ways ‘Online’ Will Change Life for Brands and Retailers in 2012.”  We found it to be an interesting read, and wanted to refer it to the Angling Trade audience.

Highlights from Shopatron:  “The theme for the future of retail is ‘no boundaries.’ Forward-looking brands and retailers are creating a new, universal shopping environment for consumers, giving the green light for their customers to shop across all channels.  You wanna buy online? No problem.  In-store? Certainly!  You wanna shop online while in the store?  Of course!  Buy it online and pick it up at the store?  You can do that, too.

“If your sales strategy doesn’t meet the growing ‘no boundaries’ expectations of customers, you are effectively roadblocking potential sales and frustrating shoppers.  This whitepaper highlights 10 critical ways that ‘no boundaries’ eCommerce will influence the way you do business in the next year, whether you’re reader for the changes or not.”

View the Shopatron whitepaper  “10 Ways ‘Online’ Will Change Life for Brands and Retailers in 2012.


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