Tenkara USA Releases First Print Catalog / Booklet


From Tenkara USA:

Founded in 2009, Tenkara USA is a fully independent US-based company that introduced the traditional Japanese fly fishing style called tenkara to the US. The method, in which only a rod, line, and fly are used, dispenses with the reel and has steadily gained in popularity since the company introduced it here.

“Producing a catalog is usually not a big deal. But this one is”, says Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo.  “This is the first catalog dedicated to tenkara ever produced.  None have been made in Japan, and it is more of a booklet about the method than a catalog per se.”

The catalog is already arriving at the doors of those who have registered on the Tenkara USA website in the past and the responses are pouring in. Long-time tenkara angler Chris Stewart says, “Wow and double wow. Fantastic. That is one of the best promotional/sales pieces I have ever seen.” Mr. Somao Ochi requested a copy for a friend and wrote, “The photos and illustrations in the catalog are amazing.”

A unique feature of the catalog is that it dedicates a significant number of pages that serve as a “how to” manual for those wanting to learn the sport.  “We shot for making it a high-quality coffee-table style booklet rich with the philosophies of tenkara, instructions and compelling imagery”, Galhardo added.

The company designed the booklet as a way to add value to its customers. The 56-page booklet lists the entire range of Tenkara USA products, including tenkara rods, lines, nets, flies, and the minimal accessories used in tenkara. But, the products are there as much to illustrate the gear used in tenkara as to serve as a guide to tenkara fly-fishing.

With assistance from his designer, Megan Condict, Galhardo worked on each page of the catalog himself, including taking all but one of the photos.  “I love seeing a final, concrete product that I can touch and feel proud of having created”, says Galhardo.  “As with all our products, I have aimed at producing something that will be lasting, that people will feel proud to show their friends, to display on their coffee table, and will not throw away like the dozens of holiday catalogs they have received this season.”

The online version of the catalog may be seen at www.tenkarausa.com/booklet, and copies are available upon request.


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