New Free Upgrades from THE FLyBOOK™ Improve System Response


From: The FlyBook

HILLSBORO, OR., Dec. 5, 2011 — THE FLyBOOK™, an online reservation and business management  system for guides and outfitters,  announced today foundational changes that will improve the user experience. The immediate impact of these changes will be faster response times and several simple adjustments in appearance.

The improvements will have a significant long-term impact as THE FLyBOOK™ system continues to advance. By upgrading, the company will be able to better handle the double digit growth expected in 2012. These foundational improvements will enable enhancements over the next few months that will include: additional scheduling options, staff management tools, customer access and more.

Specifically, the changes being announced today include: hosting updates, server changes, and other infrastructural adjustments. The company moved hosting companies to allow for dedicated server capacity so that their continued growth can occur at an accelerated pace.  In each of the last three years THE FLyBOOK™ has doubled in capacity, and is on pace to double again in 2012.  Therefore, structural changes are a must to continue to serve demand.

While much of the industry is adjusting to the slower pace of life that winter brings, THE FLyBOOK™ is jumping into high gear with an aggressive developmental schedule that will improve the platform, and better serve their clientele.


THE FLyBOOK™ is a web based reservation and business management system designed for guides and outfitters.  It serves over 200+ businesses around the world to improve organization, efficiency and generate revenue. Additional information about THE FLyBOOK is available at / 503.706.3933 / [email protected]


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