GreenFish Announces Hands-free Camera Mount designed for Catch-Photo-Release


SAN CLEMENTE, CA. Dec.1, 2011 –  The GreenFish® CPR MountTM lets you capture the action hands-free from any angle whether you’re alone in a kayak or small boat, or a sport fisher with a crew.

Developed by sustainable fishing company GreenFish, the CPR Mount’s Expansion Lock technology fits most rod-holders, providing a stable platform for taking photos or capturing video. Its universal camera mount fits most digital cameras and the GoPro. The Flex Arm lets you position the camera to film the action from multiple angles– even underwater.

“Trying to land a mako on a fly rod in a kayak or small boat is challenging enough. Taking a decent picture, much less a video, is next to impossible and potentially dangerous, especially when I’m alone” says Conway Bowman, extreme fly fisherman and TV personality. “The CPR Mount not only makes capturing the entire fight on camera possible, it makes the process easy so you can keep the memory and release the fish. That’s what catch and release is about.”

The GreenFish CPR Mount is ideal for kayaks or small boats, but it can also be an effective sales tool for charter boat captains. They can film an epic battle between a bolting marlin and the crew using one CPR mount, or multiple mounts to shoot the action from different angles. The angler can replay the action at home; the captain has a great promotional video.

“Smart innovation in angling often comes in small increments,” said Recycled Fish Founder and Executive Director Teeg Stouffer. “The GreenFish CPR Mount is a significant step for the catch and release movement. It streamlines the decision for anglers who want a more tangible way to remember the fish without hemming and hawing about whether to keep it.”

The GreenFish CPR Mount is now available exclusively via the GreenFish website and fine fly fishing dealers in 2012:

About GreenFish
GreenFish is focused on building awareness of sustainable fishing practices through its product lines, which include apparel and camera mounts. GreenFish donates five percent of its revenues through its GreenFish Gives program to non-profits that promote the health of world fisheries.

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  1. This is a great idea. I must look into this. I would hope this type of tool, would bolster the need to reduce LIP-GRIP ( type photos..! This way a fisherman can get a great photo, w/out killing the Catch-n-Release fish.

    Now set a Go-Pro or other small footprint/format digital camera onto a Gorilla Grip or other holder – on top of a staff – or other stationary object – allowing the wading fisherman to capture the same ‘hands-free’ digital memory.

    Thanks for the article.

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