Utah Stream Access Fight Perking Along


The fight over stream access in Utah is in the legal waiting/wrangling stages.  Here’s where it stands:

  • First case –  Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) just got received defendants briefs from the first request for summary judgement filed in August.  Oral arguments are expected some time after December.
  • Second Case  – USAC still waiting for a response from defendants, and is looking to broaden research.  Future fundraising is needed to accommodate this, as expert witnesses are projected to cost between $15,000 and $25,000 is a guesstimate.
  • USAC Board needs help and involvement.
  • Ault property findings – He does not own any river front property on the Provo. We have factual documentation with his signature on it. (part of the AFFTA funds helped to get this paid for.. GRAMA requests, title searches, etc) USAC just joined an Amicusbreif filed on the MT PPNL case by the National Wildlife Federation, Montana TU, Nature Conservancy.

Recent Fundraisers  – Which were all a big hit!!!

  • Concert – $4000
  • Film – $900


  • Southwest Fly Fishing is running a blurb on Utah stream access  in its current issue.
  • The Drake doing a piece on the Ault fiasco – upcoming issue

Check out utahstreamaccess.org for more details.


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