Eat More Brook Trout Q&As AFFTA Board Member Tom Sadler


Blogs are plenty in the fly fishing world, but a few really stand out.  For example you have to love “Eat More Brook Trout,” if for no other reason than the slogan, “Save the West.  Kill a Brookie.”

You’ll also like the poignant, insightful commentary from none other than TU National Communications Director Chris Hunt (this is his “closet” writing project).

He recently did a Q&A feature on Tom Sadler, who is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in Washington on behalf of the fly fishing industry.

“Lt. Commander (U.S. Navy Reserve, Retired) Tom Sadler is easy to be friends with. And we’re great friends. I think that’s because, in our hearts, we’re after the same thing–the protection of the places that matter, and not just to us, but to the future of our hunting and fishing heritage. The thought of our kids or our grandkids growing up without knowing what the natural world has to offer is dead-on frightening.”

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  1. Jack Wallingford on

    I hate to kill wild fish. There are so few of them. Can you add me to your mailing list, despite our differences? JW

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