FlyTalk Launches Instructional Videos


As you probably know, AT editors Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano are also the hosts of Field & Stream magazine’s “FlyTalk” weblog, found at

We’ve started two new instructional features aimed at helping novice fly fishers learn simple tricks that make fly fishing easier and more accessible.  One is a series of videos, where we highlight tips from experts in the sport, like Andy Mill, Brian O’Keefe, Tom Rosenbauer, Rob Russell and others.  Please check them out, and tell your customers.

The other new FlyTalk feature is “See This, Do That” where we show a photograph of a challenging fly fishing situation, and then briefly explain an approach for effectively fishing it.  If you have photos of candidate “See This, Do That” spots (and by all means, explanations for fishing them as well), please send them to [email protected], and if we use them, we’ll be sure to credit you on the “world’s leading outdoor website.”


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