Scientific Anglers New Lines for 2012


Textured Streamer Express

SA’s Streamer Express now avalable in the textured version. All the original tapers
with the added benefit of texturing giving increased casting distance with less effort,
reduced memory, and the SA ID line marking. Available in 150- to 450-grain at 100 feet long. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $79-95.

Mastery Textured Trout Stalker

This is a new trout line for SA, featuring the texturing technology from 3M. The Mastery Textured Trout Stalker features a dimpled surface for improved casting, a six-foot tapered head optimized for presentation, and includes their advanced DRYTIP technology. The new tip features proprietary treatment that insures maximum floation
in most conditions. This line has been designed with a compound taper to give both short and long casting capabilities. Add the SA ID line marking feature and you get an all around first class trout line. It is available in 3-7 weight in willow with a dark willow tip and is 90 feet long. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $79-95.

Mastery Textured Titan Taper

The new Mastery Textured Titan taper is the big new fly line from SA. The line features the 3M Microreplication technology with microscopic dimples embossed into the line surface. This embossing works in conjunction with AST to deliver increased casting distances, reduced memory, and increased durability. The new Titan also features the SA ID line marking feature that permanently marks the line with the type and size of the line, printed directly to the surface. The line, as the name describes, was developed to cast the largest of flies, up to 16 inches in length. Available in WFF 6-10-weight in mist green with orange head and stream line loop. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $79-95.

Mastery Textured Saltwater Clear Tip

The Saltwater Clear Tip features a stealth clear tip with horizon blue head and running line. It has the microreplicated textured surface which delivers less effort casting along with reduced memory.The head is an intermidiate sink tip to cut below the surface chop. It includes SA ID line markings, AST technology, and their patented Mastery coating formula, to give improved performance in the harshest conditions. It is 100 feet long. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $79-95.

Videos for More New Scientific Anglers Products

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