Rio – New Powerflex Trout Leaders for 2012


RIO’s new Powerflex xanax online medication Trout leaders are manufactured to precise tolerances using the latest technology and materials. Made with the most advanced and modern copolymers, these leaders have an unsurpassed tensile and knot strength and have an ideal blend of stretch and suppleness.

Each leader has a carefully designed taper that features a long, powerful butt section to turn over heavy indicator rigs and handle tough winds. The supple nature of the copolymers deliver tiny dry flies with the utmost in delicacy. A perfection loop in the butt end makes rigging quick and simple.

RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders will be available from September 1st 2011. They come in 7.5-foot’, 9-foot, 12-foot’ and 15-foot’ lengths ranging from 0x to 7x in the 7.5-foot’ and 9-foot’ lengths, and 3x to 7x in the 12-foot and 15-foot lengths. The 7.5-foot, 9-foot’ and 12-foot leaders are available in three-packs as well as individually, while the 15-foot’ leaders are sold as single leaders only. The single packs of 7.5-foot and 9-foot retail for $4.50 while the 12-foot and 15-foot sell for $4.95. The three-packs of each length retail for $11.95.


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