Montana Fly Company: IFTD Best of Show Winner


When it comes to storing and managing flies, there are three types of anglers: 1) The utterly disorganized, who stick bugs in no particular order in many little boxes 2) The “little box for every situation” people, who have containers for mayfly dries, nymphs, caddis, streamers, etc. 3) Those who want a “mother ship” to put everything inside and sort things out from there.

I won’t admit to which group I’m in, but the “mother ship” types will have a great resource in the form of the Montana Fly Company Boat Box, which won top IFTD Best of Show honors in the fly storage category this year.

As the name implies, it is perfect for storing patterns on any boat, from dories to flats skiffs, because it is 100 percent waterproof. And this system offers custom foam leaf inserts to handle whatever size and shape flies suit you best. If you want to put as many as 4,000 flies in one place, you can do that in this box. They’re made out of durable plastic, and are available in four different colors for a very reasonable $49.99, though the leaf inserts are sold separately.


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