Angling Trade and MidCurrent Announce IFTD Product Award Winners


New Orleans, La., August 19, 2011—Angling Trade magazine and MidCurrent today announced the winners of the “Best of Show” awards at the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) trade show in New Orleans.  The awards are for new fly fishing products to be available in 2012. Twenty-four separate product categories were represented.  Awards were chosen by retailers and media professionals attending IFTD from around the world.

Simms Fishing Products won Overall Best of Show for its ProDry GORE-TEX Jacket, Bib and Pants.  ProDry Suits are designed with input from tournament anglers and fishing guides, and include a number of high-performance features for all freshwater and saltwater environments.  ProDry also won the “Best Outerwear” Category.  See for more information.

Sage swept the freshwater and saltwater fly rod categories with its new “One” series.  See for more product information.

The complete list of category winners:

Best of Show—Simms ProDry GORE-TEX Jacket, Bib, and Pants

1. Best Outerwear—Simms ProDry GORE-TEX Jacket, Bib, and Pants

2. Fly Rods, Freshwater—Sage “ONE”

3. Fly Rods, Saltwater—Sage “ONE”

4. Fly Reel, Freshwater—Hardy “Ultralite” Fly Reel

5. Fly Reel, Saltwater—Nautilus NV “Monster”

6. Fly Lines, Freshwater—Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Trout Stalker

7. Fly Lines, Saltwater—Airflo “Ridge” Floating Clear Tip Tropical Fly Line

8. Eyewear—Smith “Chief” with Techlite TLT Lenses

9. Wading Gear—Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Waders

10. Women’s-specific Product—Redington Women’s “Sonic-Pro” Waders

11. Youth-specific Product—CasTarget by The School of Fly Fishing

12. Eco-Friendly Product—Korkers Metalhead Wading Boot with “Svelte 2” Soles

13. General Apparel—Buff “Bug Slinger” Series UV

14. Fly Pattern, Freshwater—Jay Zimmerman’s “Texas Ringworm,” (Umpqua Feather Merchants)

15. Fly Pattern, Saltwater— The Fish-Skull Crafty Deceiver (Flymen Fishing Company)

16. Fly Tying Material— Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet (Flymen Fishing Company)

17. Fly Box/Storage System—Montana Fly Company “MFC Waterproof Boat Box”

18. BookFifty More Places to Fly Fish Before You Die, by Chris Santella (submitted by Angler’s Book Supply)

19. DVD—“Musky Country Zero 2 Hero” by Robert Thompson (submitted by Angler’s Book Supply)

20. Personal Watercraft—Water Master “Kodiak” Loaded Package

21. Gift Item—Montana Fly Company “MFC iPad Folder”

22. Luggage—Fishpond “Bumpy Road Cargo Duffel”

23. Accessory—Loon Outdoors “Nip & Sip”

24. Chest Pack/Vest—Rising “Flask Pack”

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  1. It’s ok, Will. By then the 2nd Great Depression will be over, we’ll all be back to work, and wearing bass angler “bibbs” and “overalls” will be all the rage in fly fishing. Next week, I’m taking my new “Angler’s Flip Flops” to a Firearms Convention. Best of Show, here we come!

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  3. gee, to bad Kaufmanns went belly up…the boys from Sucker Lake would have been tripping over their Docker cuffs to score something off this list…

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  6. Hooray…a list of “The Best of Those Who Showed Up” aka those who rock up with the biggest marketing budgets win. I think if I were shopping, I’d wait for the next sale at Cosco or do some serious global research about brands, quality and value.

    What’s the message here for the future or for those considering taking up this sport? If you take this on it’s merit…fly fishing is only for the wealthy or those that can dump several thousand dollars on gear before even heading out on the water. Not really, the smart ones amongst us now have a list of the more expensive gear that can easily be avoided…I know where to buy a Rolex watch and if I want a status symbol, I’ll wear it on my arm every day where it’s sure to be seen by a lot more of the people that I know in every day life.

    Credibility factor zero…care factor even less. Times have changed and I think it’s definitely time to catch up a bit or just leave this dead and buried.

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