Ross Unveils “New Brand”


From Ross: 7/26/11

Ross’s history as a premier manufacturer of high quality fly reels, rods, complete outfits, cases, fishing pliers and other outdoor related products has not changed. We no longer are known as JUST a reel company. The new logo represents our commitment to superior fly fishing performance in everything we do!


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  1. Hello.
    My name is Diego, I’m from Rio Grande-Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), I am a fan of fly fishing. Viewing Internet sites, I found your page and be delighted. Aca their products fail, a shame as they are brilliant.
    Now I wonder if I could send some stickers gift of your company so you do propaganda in my truck and in my fly fishing equipment.
    I also wonder if usteden sell products to Argentina, because as I said earlier I would like to try them.
    Well that’s all, I commend you for your work.
    Sincerely Diego

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