Simms Rolls out Gear for All-Around Fishing at ICAST


B.A.S.S. tourney angler Mike Iaconelli sizes up the new ProDry Rain Suit with Simms president K.C. Walsh.

Simms fishing products is at ICAST this week introducing new versions and new products for the conventional angling market.  Simms, is debuting products like a Gore-Tex ProDry Rain Suit, (jacket $499.95, bibs $399.95 and/or pants at $299.95).  The premium-priced products the company will sell to the general angling public mark its entry into the much larger fishing product market.

“The ProDry suits are a result of our long relationship with Gore and were perfected and tweaked on the pro bass tour over the last three tournament seasons,” said Simms spokesman Matt Crawford yesterday.

The new line will also include some products already in the Simms rotation, taking some of the products you’ve seen before and putting them under the “conventional” umbrella, with significant color and style changes.

Simms is also using the show to announce a relationship with several professional fishing organizations and their first professional angling team, which will include 6 B.A.S.S. anglers.  The company  will also be at IFTD in August, where they will show an expanded sportswear line, new footwear items, and a new G1 Guide Gore-Tex bib wader ($399).

Simms president K.C. Walsh had this to say about the company’s new line: “We’ve been making hardcore products for hardcore fly anglers since 1983, but we are a fishing company, not just a fly-fishing company, and this latest slate of products is made for people who are passionate and committed to fishing whether they are tournament anglers, guides, industry professionals, or avid anglers who hit the water hard every day.”


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  1. …and I grow ever so weary of the Simms multi-franklin price tags. I stay plenty dry thanks… without contributing to the bo-zone lifestyle.
    But you folks that “hit the water hard…everyday” go right ahead.

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