Fishhook Removal Kit Now Available From Angler Sport Group


Elba, NY, APRIL 1, 2011 – Angler Sport Group has announced that it is now offering for sale a new compact kit for removing fishhooks from humans.  This kit, developed by an emergency room surgeon, comes complete with detailed instructions in three formats . . . an extensive DVD, down-loadable web video link, and the old fashioned way – a written pamphlet with photos.

The Dr. FishHook® Fishhook Removal Kit contains hook removal aids for most situations, first aid supplies and the aforementioned instructions.  All items (except the DVD) are contained in a water resistant zip lock bag which fits neatly in a fishing vest or tackle box.

Angler Sport Group is now offering the Dr. FishHook Fishhook Removal Kit for sale to retailers worldwide.  The kit is universal pegboard ready and features an attention-getting header card.  The retailer cost is $7.95 each, $13.95 MSRP, and comes in boxes of 10.

A general overview with photos can be found on the Dr. FishHook® website at  The downloadable web video link is also accessed by customers via the website.  The link is password protected.

Angler Sport Group is the exclusive distributor for the Dr. FishHook Kit.  In addition to the Kit, Angler Sport Group distributes Daiichi® fly hooks, Varivas® leaders and tippet material, Dinsmores® tin split shot, and a full range of fly boxes and general fishing accessories.

For more information, contact Wally Baker, Angler Sport Group, 6619 Oak Orchard Road, Elba, NY USA 14058; tel:  585-757-9958, fax:  585-757-9066, email:  i[email protected], website:


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