Pagosa Springs, Colorado, Fly Shop Burglarized


Another fly shop in Colorado was ripped off, though this time it was a burglary, rather than the distract-and-swipe scam we reported on earlier that affected several shops in metro Denver and the Front Range region.  Wolf Creek Anglers in Pagosa Springs, Colorado was hit for roughly $14,000 worth of merchandise, including high end Sage rods, Ross reels, waders, and other items.  Detective Scott Maxwell of the Pagosa Springs Police Department told Angling Trade: “The shop was closed for the season but was being used as a office of sorts for snowmobile tours operation and unfortunately they had a good amount of cash in the register. The entire register was taken. Entry was made through a broken window. Possibly two suspects in a white SUV were seen parked behind the shop that night. Pops at Let it Fly was open that day and said there were a lot of spring break customers but didn’t notice anyone suspicious in his shop and he keeps a pretty good eye out.”

Detective Maxwell also posted a message on the Angling Trade website. Stay vigilant!  For whatever reason, crooks are targeting fly shops now.  If you see anything suspicious, call the police.  And if you have tips and info to pass along, AT will help spread the word.


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