The Power of Social Media


The Egyptian revolution is being coined, “The Facebook Revolution”. Although there is truth in this statement, it is important to distinguish social media as a powerful tool for communication and organizing, but not as the main reason for this revolution. In the media frenzy, social media has overshadowed the truly impressive act of collaboration of human hearts. After 30 years under a corrupt government, social media provided a forum to spur important debate along and to empower people who had little to no hope. This empowerment of people coming together is older that the knights templar. Collaboration is an extremely valuable tool and, as a business leader, one that you should be seeking.

Two months ago, Angling Trade Magazine set up a fly fishing business group on LinkedIn, a popular business related social media provider. It is similar to Facebook but with a strong xanax online pharmacies professional business framework.

Here are just a few topics that you can find in the Angling Trade group:

Should Manufacturers sell direct to the public?

Sounding-boards… A very important part of growing your business

Is it time to resuscitate that demo program?

Ditch the Discounts

How does a fly shop start an angling mentorship program?

We also have started a specialty fly shop only sub-group where shop owners and managers can discuss issues about running their business more successfully. Here are just a few topics started by fly shops for fly shops:

The Impact of New SKU’s on Revenue

Thinking about hiring my first Full Time Employee…

Head Guides… are they really necessary?

Compensation for teaching classes…

Health Insurance, is it a viable benefit for fly shops and employees alike?

Is E-commerce a good thing? Or something else?

Fly fishing is a time-honored tradition and I am proud to be a part of it. Our industry is small and very diverse, yet there are lessons that can be shared. Collaborating with one another can help mature our industry and can improve the way each one of us does business.

We need your contribution!  Join the conversation and sign up today.

David Leinweber

Angler’s Covey


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