Chicago-Colorado Fly Shop Theft Suspects Still on the Loose


In early February, we reported at on a string of thefts affecting Colorado Fly Shops. The perps were apparently two couples, looking quite upscale… one couple distracted the shop workers as the other lifted high end gear like Spey Rods, and so forth. Since the report and posting a photo (left) of the suspects on our website (which spiked traffic through the roof, and prompted comments from many shops around the country that had been similarly hit), we have not heard of additional thefts, nor have we heard that the suspects have been apprehended. Stay alert!

Read the comment thread from shops with insights on the thefts…

Below is actual video footage of the thieves provided by fly shop owner Charlie Craven at his shop Charlie’s Fly Box in Arvada, Colorado. Watch closely how one or two of the suspects distract the clerks while the others break down rods and stash them in clothing.


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