New Outdoor Living and Coastal Living Clothing Line


AUSTIN, TX (Feb 4, 2011)

Austin-based company Howler Brothers announces the launch of their new outdoor lifestyle and coastal living clothing line.

The Howler Brothers brand was designed with the outdoor-inclined in mind, those who, like founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian, enjoy surfing, fly-fishing, paddling and the coastal sporting lifestyle.

“It is so exciting to see our vision and designs finally coming to life, and we have been blown away by the great response from our customers that we have begun to receive,” says Heard. “From the beginning we set out to make clothing and gear that we wanted to wear, that reflected the lifestyle we love. We created Howler Brothers with both performance and casual lifestyle in mind, and it is really great to see how people have embraced the brand in each of those ways.”

Howler Brothers’ limited-run, high-quality clothing was created to honor the soul, passion and timeless style of the coastal sports lifestyle. Each garment is designed and crafted with high functionality and attention to detail. Using small batch production and collaboration with artists and craftsmen, Howler Brothers brings you unique and creative offerings while avoiding trendy or overly traditional ideas.

From the quick-drying and warm weather comfort of the men’s Magic Mesh polo shirts, to the technical Loggerhead Longsleeve – with wicking polyester, UPF 45, and stash pocket lined with sunglass cleaning microfiber – Howler Brothers’ gear is perfect for light adventure. Soft cotton t-shirts featuring original artistic designs for men and women are great for those relaxing moments between the office and the shore. The mesh hats are perfect for life on land and water. And Howler Brothers custom belt buckles are each hand-forged by a blacksmith with the Howler Bros logo and whatever words of wisdom or battle cries you prefer.

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