RIO introduces a new line designed for switch rods


February 1, 2011 (Idaho Falls, ID) – Following the rapid growth in the use of switch rods, RIO announced the launch of a fly line specifically engineered for these versatile rods.

Anglers use switch rods for many applications; from swinging streamers to throwing an indicator rig with nymph/egg patterns; from spey casting and overhead casting to mending at long range.

The new Rio line has a long head and a thick diameter tip that should turn over big flies or indicator rigs easier while still allowing anglers to mend and control a fly’s drift at distance. The front taper and weight distribution make spey casting easier as well, forming tight loops with less effort.  The line should load a rod deeply for long, overhead casts with streamers and sinking leaders.

The Switch line is made with RIO’s DualTone load locating system, which helps anglers find the sweet spot of each line. The head is 55 ft long and is a light beige color, while the running line and rear taper is pale green. Each line is 100 ft in length, and made with RIO’s  XS technology, and features a welded loop on the front tip to allow for quick leader changes.

RIO’s new switch line is available in five sizes with the following head weight at the color change; 4/5F (300 gr), 5/6F (350 gr), 6/7F (410 gr), 7/8F (460 gr) and 8/9F (520 gr). It is available from all good fly shops and has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $89.95.


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