The FLyBOOK Aims To Increase Traffic To Guides and Outfitters In 2011, Free Software Upgrades


The FLyBOOK, a custom built business solution for guides and outfitters, is offering a new service for outfitters called “FLyBOOK HI-Vis”, aimed at generating more traffic to customers websites. The company also announced a series of free upgrades to the software for existing customers, including several database search functions, embedded waiver/ receipt/ and policy agreement, and will be testing a system that will encourage business to business collaboration. Outfitters using the FLyBOOK have an automated business solution – they also have the ability to book online, manage a “virtual” calendar that can be accessed and edited from anywhere with an internet connection, and will soon be able to create  partnerships with other business partners.

The FlyBOOK has spent most of the last year developing and perfecting several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs (“Hi-Vis”) specifically designed for the angling and outdoor industry.

FREE Upgrades for 2011:

The first round of upgrades for 2011 are scheduled to be released in December and include several operational enhancements for our business owners and managers. These operation enhancements include: database search functions, and customizable waiver and receipt tools.  Customers should expect enhancements and upgrades to occur frequently throughout 2011.

Contact Info:

Craig Langer
mailto:[email protected]


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