Yellow Dog Flyfishing Featured in New Verizon Cellular National Ad Campaign


BOZEMAN, MONTANA (9/18/10) — Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a Bozeman, Montana-based fly fishing travel company, is featured in a new nationwide Verizon commercial promoting small business services for the nation’s largest wireless network provider.  The commercial features Yellow Dog partners and co-owners Ian Davis and Jim Klug, and profiles Yellow Dog’s business operations and destination offerings throughout the world of fly fishing. A part of Verizon’s new “Put Your Business on the Map” campaign, Yellow Dog is the only fishing-based and outdoor recreation entity featured in the new promotion.

“We were originally contacted by Verizon last winter,” says Davis, “and over the course of several interviews, the list of potential participants was narrowed down. Verizon liked the fact that our company thrives and survives on our ability to communicate – with our customers, with our worldwide network of lodges, and with each other.  Adds co-owner Klug, “No matter where we are in the world – scouting new locations in South America, hosting groups in the Caribbean, or visiting existing lodge partners in Alaska – we have to have the ability to stay in touch at all times. Verizon, more than any other cell company that we’ve found, has given us the ability to do that.”

A film crew from New York spent three days filming with Yellow Dog in Montana in April 2009. The ad includes interviews with Davis and Klug, profiles of the company, footage filmed in Montana, and additional footage shot around the world by cinematographer and filmmaker Chris Patterson. The new Yellow Dog commercial is currently available on Verizon’s website, and the full commercial and a shortened version of the ad is scheduled to appear in other places and as a part of other advertising mediums in the near future.

The Yellow Dog Verizon commercial is available for easy viewing on YouTube at

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Contact Information (effective September 1, 2010)
Ian Davis or Jim Klug  l  (406) 581-6434  l [email protected]
213 South Willson Avenue  l  Bozeman, MT  59715


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