Scott announces US Sales Rep of the year


Scott Fly Rod Company-Montrose, Colorado

The Scott Fly Rod Company awarded Jason Lozano it’s US Sales Rep of the year award for the 2010 season. The award was presented at the 2010 IFTD show in Denver, Colorado.

Lozano represents Scott in California, Nevada, and Arizona through his company, Down By The River Fly Products.

Scott’s President, Jim Bartschi said, ‘Jason has dedicated himself to assisting dealers as a strong business partner, communicator, and team player. He does a lot more than compete for top sell in during the preseason. Jason has become a trusted xanax cost resource for his accounts from solving short term issues to long term sustainable sales planning. This has resulted in top performing sell through and higher profits for the dealers in his territory.’

Lozano commented, ‘I’ve worked hard to restructure my business to better serve my dealers by paring down lines to only the top brands and by helping them make inventory decisions that benefit their long term financial health. It’s great to be recognized for these efforts with the Rep of year award.’


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  1. Duane Milleman on

    Hey Jason,

    Congradulations my friend. No one from the shop that went to the show thought to tell me of your award. I must say I am not to supprised, as I have always thought of you as a person that would dive into anything they decided to do at mach 5 with their hair on fire. Man, we would have made a great team at that lodge- name withheld to protect —?


  2. Bertha Michalak on

    Jason, Congratulations! You are always a pleasure to see and attentive to your clients. I’m glad that you’ve received recognition for doing such a good job.

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