‘Fishing Intelligence’ network goes live with 30-day free trial


SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA – Fishhound’s on-line Fishing Intelligence Network goes live Wednesday, Sept. 8, supplying anglers with answers to the biggest questions they face: where to fish, when to fish and what flies will catch fish.

Fishhound uses information and intelligence gleaned from the country’s top fly-fishing shops, guides and lodges to pinpoint the best fishing spots on any water, on any day.  Saving time and increasing the odds of fishing success, a Fishhound subscription provides interactive maps, hatch information, updates on water conditions and other personalized data to anglers’ desktops or mobile devices.

Proving the effectiveness and value of the Fishhound approach, Fishhound’s “Fishing Intelligence Network” launches today with a free 30-day trial for anglers. To obtain a free trial membership, simply log on to and click on  “Sign Up.  It’s 100 percent free and no credit card is required.

“We have created the most comprehensive network of fishing reports ever,” said Richard Marks, CEO of Fishhound.  “Anglers can log in and get all the important information they need on where and when to fish, what flies to use and even get weather and water conditions. And they customize it to the specific waters and spots they’re interested in.”

Advised by an influential, and expanding roster of more than 150 professional anglers, Fishhound’s “Fishing Intelligence™ Reports” include personalized angler home pages with 7-Day Fishing Forecasts, quick links to favorite waters and hatches, My Hatch Tracker with up-to-date hatch tracking on any river in the U.S, fly suggestions driven by the most extensive entomology database on the internet, and technique and tactical advice from the best in the sport. Fishhound reports are updated frequently, meaning subscribers get the freshest, most insightful reports available anywhere.

The current roster of Fishhound pros includes Lees Ferry Anglers in Arizona, Bowman Blue Water Guides in California, Blue Quill Angler in Colorado, The Bozeman Angler in Montana, Long Island On The Fly in New York, Smokey Mountain Troutfitters in Tennessee and Deschutes River Anglers in Oregon. A complete list of the current FishhoundPros can be found at

About Fishhound is an online community providing accurate and actionable Fishing Intelligence™ to anglers across the country to give them exactly what they want – the perfect fishing day. The game-changing Fishing Intelligence Network is an association of trusted guides, fly shop owners and lodges who are dedicated to collecting the information that defines Fishing Intelligence™: water conditions, hatches and catches.  Members of the Fishing Intelligence Network are able to grow their business and earn money while doing the reporting they already do.  For more information please visit


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  1. Jim Langely on

    Not a huge fan of these guys. I’ve heard from 5+ different groups that they are going behind the backs of people to steal ideas and technology just so they can offer it to their customers. ICAST show was an eye opener for this issue because I had not even heard of the brand until then. But after learning about their reputation in the industry, it won’t be long until it trickles down to their “pro staff”.

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