Dr. Slick's New Tools – Half the Weight



Fly-tying scissors that are hard to put down and those that are easy to pick up head the list of 2010/2011 products from Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers.

The new products will debut at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Denver, Sept. 9-11.

Product highlights include both 100% titanium scissors that weigh .6 of an ounce, about half of a comparable stainless steel model, and Bent Shaft Scissors that are easier to pick up when on a table or tying bench. “We found that most tiers will slide scissors off a desk into their hands – often dropping them in their lap or on the floor – instead of grabbing them.  With our new Bent Shaft Scissors, there is an approximate half-inch bend in the shanks half way between the tips and the loops that makes for easy lifting and access to the loops” says Steve Fournier, company president.

The Bent Shaft Scissors are available in three sizes and styles: 3-1/2 inch Arrow, 4-inch All Purpose and 4-1/2 inch Hair.

“The 4-inch featherweight Titanium Scissors are produced for high level enthusiasts, production and professional tiers who spend most of the day with tools in hand. The light weight creates less finger and hand fatigue” said Fournier.  The scissors’ design is based on the traditional Dr. Slick All Purpose scissors. Extremely sharp and able to hold a critical edge, the titanium models may be re-sharpened after hard use.
Other new for 2010/2011 products include:

•    A 6-inch large Rotary Whip Finisher with an expanded head designed for the finishing of big bugs; and
•    A Fully Loaded Angler’s Necklace.

The Dr. Slick necklace has become the “go-to tool” for anglers who wish to avoid a 10-pound vest.  It became the favorite of paddle sport and anglers that fish from a kayak, canoe, float tube or other device where traditional vests and packs are inconvenient.  “The Fully Loaded Necklace is pre-loaded with everything a fly- or general angler needs for a day on the water – tippet spool caddy, two retractors, floatant holder, small waterproof fly box, nippers, clamp (hemostat), hook file and Bug Jelly floatant,” said Fournier.
With the addition of the titanium and bent shaft scissors, Dr. Slick now manufactures 150 models, styles and sizes of fly-tying and fishing scissors, plus pliers, leader nippers, clamps, necklaces and other tools.


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