AFFTA Anounces Shipping Partnership


A letter from AFFTA president Randi Swisher:

AFFTA Member,

I am pleased to announce a new AFFTA partnership with Unishippers of Denver that will significantly reduce your current shipping expenses. As our freight logistics partner, Unishippers has committed to consulting with your company and creating an individual solution to meet your needs. After thoroughly reviewing this opportunity, the AFFTA Membership Committee and I are confident that your company will significantly benefit from our new partnership with Unishippers.

Unishippers will work with you and your current carriers, adding support and value to what you’re already getting. With dozens of carrier partners and a full spectrum of service offerings, Unishippers can customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Quite simply, beyond your current relationships, they can provide better rates, better tools and more control than you probably experience now.

With more than 100,000 customers across the country, Unishippers has the volume and leverage to negotiate substantial discounts on behalf of our members. AFFTA’s exclusive pricing program with Unishippers should save your company 20% – 30% on annual shipping expenses, a fact that was clearly demonstrated during our assessment of this partnership.

Contact Keegan Delaney, our dedicated Unishippers representative, at 303-665-1000 and he can give you an itemized breakout of what you will save. Please reference the AFFTA program when you call to ensure you receive our special pricing!

Randi Swisher

Anthony Linderman
Unishippers of Denver


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