AFFTA Board Rejects Outdoor Retailer Show Option


via moldychum and SNEWS:

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association voted to turn down an offer from Nielsen Business Media to merge the FlyFishing Retailer trade show into the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show, inside sources familiar with the vote told SNEWS®.

AFFTA President Gary Berlin confirmed that a vote took place on Oct. 13, but he would not reveal the outcome of the vote when contacted by us. “The board did make a decision on Tuesday, and the information will be released at the end of the month when all documents are finalized.”

Berlin told SNEWS that AFFTA was looking for a new way forward with the FlyFishing Retailer show because it has suffered lower participation from exhibitors and attendees. “The show has declined in exhibit space and visitors for the past four years due to the economy and consolidation of brands,” he said.