Fish & Fly Unveils New Salmon Atlas


Fish and Fly Ltd are delighted to announce the addition of The Salmon Atlas ( to their portfolio of fishing websites around the world. It is hoped that will become recognised as the leading portal for all parties interested in the salmon family and a useful resource for its members worldwide. The atlas illustrates the location of over 1,300 rivers and lakes worldwide and leads the interested viewer on to more detailed location maps and further details if required.

Dr Colin Bradshaw, project initiator and salmon fishing editor said, “Because our Fish&Fly websites and communities have become increasingly international we saw the need for a simple and easy to use online guide to fisheries and fishing locations. Before the Atlas, when Fish&Fly members from the west coast USA chatted about their local favourite rivers, such as the Sandy, few of us in the UK knew where they were talking about. Now we know, or at least we know where to find out!”

The Salmon Atlas is aimed at salmon, steelhead and sea trout enthusiasts who travel to far off places to fish, yet also caters for those who simply enjoy learning and appreciating from a distance. Taking part in fishing is also about people and places and it is hoped that the Salmon Atlas will bring both within easier reach though its online community. The Atlas also aims to highlight the plight of the salmon and sea-going trout in those countries where poor environmental management or over exploitation has endangered the species and in some cases wiped them out. The Atlas will help raise much needed funds for the salmon cause.

Goldman Environmental Prize winner and tireless campaigner for salmon survival at sea, Orri Vigfusson of NASF said, “This is a superb resource that will raise the awareness of salmon and its importance to so many communities. During a salmon’s life time it takes part on one of the longest and most dangerous journeys on our planet and in doing so plays the vital ecological role of moving much needed nutrients from life-rich seas to nutrient poor rivers to the benefit of both wildlife and man. These returning fish also attract fishers from all over the world who again transfer much needed resources into the economies of rural areas. Preservation and enhancement of these salmon runs should be a fundamental priority for whole nations.”

The Salmon Atlas has opened its doors to Fish&Fly members worldwide. Membership is free and already tens of thousands of members take part in one of the biggest online communities of fly fishers on the internet. You can view the Salmon Atlas at

About Fish & Fly Ltd

Fish and Fly Ltd operate several fishing websites and communities amounting to over 80,000 members. These sites include:-,,,, with others opening soon.

This new initiative is supported by major fly fishing brands worldwide and we will be launching a number of competitions on the site to raise awareness and prizes will include items donated by Sage, Fulling Mill and other well known industry leaders. We are always seeking new partners also who can get in touch with us at [email protected]


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