Confluence Films, LLC Announces Completion of New 2009 Movie “RISE”


BOZEMAN, MONTANA 8/20/09 — Following on the heels of last year’s successful movie project, Drift, Confluence Films, LLC is pleased to announce that they have completed filming on a second movie to be released this coming November. In creating the follow-up to Drift, the filmmakers at Confluence Films once again traveled the globe in search of unique and beautiful locations coupled with an amazing diversity of species, searching out the stories and characters that epitomize the spirit and sport of fly fishing. This new movie project is Rise, a six segment collection of individual stories shot around the world, stories that together reflect the attraction that fly fishing has for so many around the world.

The second full-length movie project from Confluence Films, Rise is once again the result of partnership by director Chris Patterson of Warren Miller Entertainment and executive producer and writer Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Patterson has been the director and head

cinematographer for Warren Miller Ski Films for the past 18 years, and — as he did with Drift — he brings extensive experience and film-industry knowledge to the project. Klug’s role with Yellow Dog and his long-time involvement in the fly fishing industry have once again resulted in a line-up of interesting characters, captivating locales, and a series of stories that together provide a fantastic look at the industry, the sport, and the places that fishing can take us.

One of the strongest attributes of Confluence Films’ first movie was that it introduced a new multi-segmented, documentary style of filmmaking to the fly fishing community. Rather than a single story or an hour-long movie featuring the same anglers chasing fish on the same river for the entire

length of the film, this style of filmmaking instead offered viewers a variety of segments and stories: each one a different profile of anglers, species, and locations shot around the globe. Rise continues with this variety, travelling this year to Venezuela, Idaho’s Henry’s Fork River, the Florida Keys, Argentina,New Orleans, and the Katmai Region of Alaska. The new movie includes anglers Rene Harrop, Capt. Bruce Chard, Millie Paini, Tom Bie, Capt. Alex Griffin, Rance Rathie, Ron Sorensen, Mike Lawson,

Travis Smith, Capt. Brian Carter, Jason Jagger, Marty Reid, and several others. One of the largest factors that sets Confluence Films apart from other filmmakers is that they shoot in the highest of definition using only 16mm motion picture film and the same razor-sharp lenses, creative techniques and slow-motion cameras Patterson employs each winter for Warren Miller. From leaping tarpon in the Keys, to the scenic skies of Idaho, to the wilds of Patagonia, Rise’s amazing cinematography and vibrant images will provide a level of strong, defining visuals for each destination that is almost impossible to attain when shooting with standard video. Says director Chris Patterson, “With our first film, we set out to create a new standard with regard to visuals, cinematography, and overall production quality. With Rise, we’re confident that we’re again raising the bar.”

“While we strongly believed that the fly fishing industry would embrace Drift when we introduced the film last year,” says Rise’s writer and producer Jim Klug, “I think we were a bit surprised with the overall impact that the film seemed to have on so many people. I’m excited that this year’s project is even better, with a great soundtrack, incredible scenery, phenomenal characters, and a much larger volume of what everyone loves to refer to as ‘fish porn.’”

Confluence Films will again tour the full movie throughout the U.S. in conjunction with different conservation entities and organizations during the fall and winter months. Select segments from the new film will also be featured in the 2010 Fly Fishing Film Tour. Sponsors of this year’s movie include Simms Fishing Products, Costa Del Mar, Hatch Reels and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

Confluence Films will offer the fly fishing industry a “sneak peak” extended trailer of Rise at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver on September 11, 2009. This preview will take place at the Simms industry party on Friday night, September 11 at the Denver Athletic Club downtown. The world premiere will be in Bozeman, Montana on Thursday, October 22. This premiere will be open to the general public, and complimentary tickets and event passes will be provided to all media and industry interested in attending. DVD’s of Rise will be available for sale beginning November 1, 2009, (retail price $29.95) available through the Confluence Films website ( and through fly fishing retailers and specialty shops. Dealer inquiries are welcome.


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    Knowing Capt. Bruce Chard, can’t wait to see this film – loved Drift. Great job! Hope this film is available in all of the outdoor stores thoughout the country.

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