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Fly Fishing – Once in a Blue Moon 60sec promo from On the Fly on Vimeo.

“Stunning” – “Unbelievable” – “Super cool and super Beautiful”
Just some of the adjectives being used to describe ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ the new Fly fishing adventure film from On the Fly Productions. www.onthefly.co.nz
Filmed in stunning high definition the film features some of the most incredible fly fishing cinematography yet seen.  Three years in the making ‘Once in a Blue moon’ portrays the incredible story of a once in a lifetime event.
Set amongst the spectacular scenery of southern New Zealand, a most strange and bizarre tale unfolds.  The stuff of folklore, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ unravels the mystery of an event that occurs briefly once a decade. This strange and unreal journey takes us into some of the most remote and beautiful parts of New Zealand as we follow one anglers quest to document and unravel a childhood mystery and catch the fish of a lifetime.
In an unpredictable chain of events a mass flowering of the ancient New Zealand Beech forest leads to an excess of seed production. Mice and rodents take advantage of this abundance and numbers reach plague proportions. Incredible footage follows these rodents as they embark on a strange migration, attempting to swim across the expanse of New Zealand’s rivers and lakes. There they fall prey to the largest predators in the waterways – monster Brown and Rainbow trout.  Gorging themselves on swimming mice, these fish become extremely aggressive and grow to epic proportions. For a fly fishing Angler, this is the stuff dreams are made of.
This bizarre phenomenon has remained a mystery, until now…
Shot in beautiful high definition ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ reveals this bizarre story.  Stunning cinematography, never before seen underwater footage, fantastic fly fishing and amazing trout behavior will take you deep into the tale of the fabulous and mysterious “Mouse Year”.
Once in a Blue moon is receiving critical acclaim from viewers and reviewers alike, with the general consensus being that not only is this the most beautiful fly fishing film produced;  it has further lifted the bar for fly fishing films.
“I have yet to show this film to someone who has not been ooh’ing and ahh’ing all the way through, and just confirmed my assessment of this as pure bred Global Class.

…because this is undoubtedly the most beautiful fishing DVD I have seen.

Simply stunning! “ ~ Martin Joergensen, Globalflyfisher.com

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